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There are people advocating for the elimination of Lasix in horse racing.  They should have to explain why horses should be denied a therapeutic medication proven to benefit the health of the horse.      


Who is looking out for the health and welfare of the horse?

Lasix has been extensively researched, probably more than any other medication for horses.  It does not enhance performance, but allows horses to perform to their natural abilities.  As in the entire history of the relationship of man and horse, the animal is best served when we provide the best possible care available, and in the case of horse racing, this includes the control of EIPH with Lasix.

  • There is only one effective control of EIPH in horses, Lasix

  • Veterinarians, the personal physicians of the equine athlete, recommend and support the use of Lasix

  • Misleading and inaccurate information about the use of Lasix in racing has been perpetuated by small agenda-driven groups both inside and outside of the racing industry for the purpose of swaying public opinion

  • There are people in the racing industry who have insisted that Lasix be eliminated because “the public cannot tell the difference between Lasix and cocaine.”



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  EIPH and Lasix  


EIPH is hemorrhage that can occur in the lungs of horses and other species during strenuous exercise. Thus, it occurs in racehorses, polo horses, show and event horses, barrel racing horses, and any other equine endeavor where strenuous exercise is required. 

What is Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH)?


EIPH is the result of stress failure of capillaries and subsequent lung tissue remodeling due to the very high pulmonary vessel pressure that occurs during exercise. Lasix is the only therapy that has been shown to be effective in control of this condition. 

What causes EIPH?

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This is a hotly debated subject, but the research to date cannot confirm that Lasix makes a horse run faster or longer, aside from its effect on the control of EIPH.  

Is Lasix performance enhancing?

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